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This Thursday (18/10) was incredibly special for me, I got to hand out the Qhubeka bicycles that were raised through my completion of the Freedom Challenge. The handover was in conjunction with Wildlands and Qhubeka to a group of treeprenuer recipients in the Buffelsdraai area north of Durban. 200 bikes were handed over, and I had the honour of making a small presentation to the community.

These bikes will assist adults in getting to their workplace, and more importantly the children to get to school quicker and more efficiently than walking. Too often sports people raise money through their efforts without a true indication of how much of that money gets to the community on the ground – in this instance the bicycle were very evident and handed out in front of our eyes.

Thank you MTN and Qhubeka for allowing me to combine my Freedom Challenge journey with this fantastic initiative.

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  • Andre Visser


    Hey Jody, often one sees gestures of this nature by many organisations or or bigger corporates. And one usually wonders how “real” the intentions are, but looking at these photos and knowing the person (you) and knowing the history of MTN and Qhubeka with regards to cycling I know that this is real!

    There are many things in life I love, in fact, I love life, but passion is something I try and teach my kids as whenever you do something with passion, it will be a success – as you know.

    Well done on your achievement(s).

    Just a last thought: These bike will not only help people commute, you will see champions rise… When I am in training, I “commute” by bike – what a blessing to get fitter going to and from your place of work 😉

  • Angela Smith


    Nice post, Thank you for sharing your site with us.

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