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So can you believe that today was the penultimate day of my Freedom Challenge, but as everyone always says….there is no easy day on this route. In a way the days riding was a synopsis of the entire race: long days riding – 161km’s, a minimum 2 hour portage, tricky nav around Kasra, district road head winds, and breathtaking scenery.

I opted to sleep in at Montagu, so only departed at 7ish….then got totally engulfed by the beauty of the winelands and dawn, so the net result was only getting into McGregor at 10am. Here I finally indulged my craving of 2 weeks – a chocolate Sterie Stumpie. Bliss.

The pull over the mountain into Kasra via some demanding navigation was actually enjoyable on my own, as finally my narrative deduction skills are getting on par. At the Kasra stop the ladies laid on a fine spread with the best oxtail stew I have ever had. The portage out of Kasra was included in the Epic one year and received massive criticism – but to us it was all standard practice and does not feature in the top half of obstacles.

The run into Dwarsberg Trouthaven took forever and due to my slow start I was chasing the sum proper…..I lost, just as a went through the Brandvliet Prison area in its isolated setting betting the Dwarsberg and the massive dam below. Nothing gets you pedalling quicker that that chill through your spine as you pass and unsavoury area alone at night on a bike.

Waiting at Trouthaven was my long lost pal Andre, who just missed the window to attack Stettynskloof in last light. It is fantastic to know that we will ride the final day together tomorrow……but best of all is the thought that I get to see my wife and parents. This has been in incredibly fulfilling journey for myself, but my partnership with her is what I cherish above all else.

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