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Today was one of those where your preconceived ideas of a stage are way off base.

After the finish of yesterdays section I was expecting more of the same, undulating quick district sections…..particularly after the narrative stated “well done, you have now started the run down into CPT”. First off the cold front swept in bringing some lovely on the nose headwind, and secondly I underestimated the difficulty of the Anysberg section.

I set off at a rather late 6:30 and fought headwinds for 50km to the Anysberg gate, from there the majority of riding was on cobbled or sandy riverbed – proper energy sapping stuff. Fortunately my nav is improving and riding alone with very few breaks eventually made it to the Anysberg Cottages overnight stop at 1pm. After heating some stew and drinking close to a litre of long life milk I set off. For 30 odd km the wind died down and I made excellent progress. Naturally my mind drifted towards jumping Montagu on to McGregor or Kasra, but as I cleared onto the plateau for the last 50km the wind again picked and so did the nagging achilles pain.

I settled back knowing that now my arrival on Friday had been sealed and took the time to soak up the descent and arrival into what feels lile metropolis of Montagu.

I would have liked 19 days but its the finishing that counts and was not prepared to go into the red zone now over 1 day.

My wife arrived in CPT this evening, so I am so excited to have her ‘nearby’.

Todays ride was 146km with 2000m of alt gain, taking just under 11.5 hours.

Tomorrow takes us to Dwarsberg/Trouthaven approx 145km. Weather looks better.

Bike and body hanging in there, both starting to creak rather badly, but not surprising…..stay tuned!


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  • Grant


    Well done….

  • Ryan Bruwer


    Skips you are a legend , keep up the good work , nearly there

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