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Today was a superb day for me. I dealt with some self doubt issues and came through more positive than ever.

After my bodies implosion between Willowmore and Prince Albert I had fears that this was the slide backwards and a hang tough to the finish.

However the added sleep and space for me to apply my mind as a lone rider culminated in one of the most rewarding days I have had on a bike. My legs actually got stronger as the day went on, and I had a clarity of mind that was last seen in Allendale.

The route today played a massive role in my improved well being….i am a huge fan of mountainous expanses, and ‘Die Hell’ is the definition. The magnitude of this landmass is astounding, and the fact that we climb up and in – run the ravine – then hike out the top end is a privilidge of note. Thank you David W….I know this section is a touchy one but from a riders perspective we a extremely appreciative that you continue to fight for our cause.

In terms of numbers, todays ride was 128km long, took 11h25m, and climbed a massive 3420 metres alt gain. Whats even more impressive is that I only have 377km to go to the finish.

Given that there is a 7 hour portage very near the finish that must be attempted in daylight leaves me with some interesting options. Go hard tom for 230km to Kasra, then very early push for Diemersfontein…..or stick to the sensible 3 day in on Friday plan. All will be decided a Montegu tomorrow.

I feel like I am now in the Cape, and that alone has lifted my spirits…..but the thoughts of wife and family are still my biggest driving force to that very special wine farm.

PS. Andre, I am thinking of you bud as you ride through the night…..what a legend!

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1 Comment

  • Kathleen Vivier


    Hallo Jody:
    We have found it so interesting to follow your ride as we were there at your folks when you set off to explore the route. Well done your drive (ride !!) is quite amazing and your blogs really interesting. Do we see a book on your experiences starting from a few years ago ????
    But I must also pass cudo’s to your wife who must be really wonderful to be happy to let her man go literally riding off into the sunset and you guys obviously have a great relationship.
    Nearly there – well done.
    Happy cycling and love to your family down there. Not too much wine at the end of the road !!!

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