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30 Jun
by in Race Updates

Today we left Bucklands at the usual 5am, but despite the rilliant scenery had a tough day.

The effects of the ‘jumping’ starting to take its toll. The start of the day entailed a wide route skirting around the northern foothills of the Baviaans range, then assaulting two deep ravines then dropping into the canyon of Baviaans. The preceeding ravibes were very tough going….hot and difficult terrain to ride.

Once reaching the crest after a 30 min nap under a tree we descend the faous Osseberg Jeep track. I have read so much about this erroded steep drop off that it was rather surreal to be on it, and managed to ride 95% of it.

This bought us time for the next obstacle, wading across thing deep river crossings with bike on back no less than 11 times. Fortunately ee just cleared the last crossing as the sun set.

Near the main gate we settled into our accomm at Kudu Kaya were we are busy changing chains, pads etc.

110km day in 14 hours.

We are pushing hard tom up the valley and beyond so its a 2am start.

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