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How was your morning? Well I carried my 15kg bicycle over 2 massive mountains for 6 hours all the while it was snowing/raining/sleeting adding to the clay slip ‘n slide. Fortunately we had a previous finisher, Gawie to show us the way, no hacking just hard graft.

And we loved it…this race starts to desensitise you to hardship, and each challenge is gobbled up with renewed vigour.

After our marathon portage we had to make up our miles to Kranskop our overnight stop some 91km away.

The roads after the rain are unbelievably muddy, and have that tacky sticky feel which makes the going that much tougher.

The topography changed significantly during todays stage, from Drakensberg peaks and foothills to the more arid koppies and platues of the karoo outskirts. We are so blessed to live in such a varied landscape filled with accommodating and warm people.

We got into Kranskop before dark which is a great effort considering the riding conditions. The group is now 8 persons (unfortunately Phillip withdrew this morning) but splinters into 3 sub groups on the track as people, importantly, stick to their natural pace.

The body is doing ok, I know I have sat on a small object for days, and have a few minor bruises and scratches – so in all cant complain.

The bike has taken a beating with all the mud and portage throwing around, its in good shape wiyh no major malfunctions….almost dur a new chain and break pads. The niner jet 9 frame is very crap in the mud as its cva suspension setup is pretty close to the rear wheel so picks up plenty gunk, but on the dry stuff she flies!

Right. Off to bed. Tom is 130km of mainly open district road to Romansfontein. Then I need to start doubling up days to make up the previous blunder and get closer to my target 20 days.

These post often getting written in draft then submitted when a data connection is present, so apologys for any timeline issues….and yes, my spelling is poor and the auto correction is a faf on this android version…my bad.

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