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After a fantastic night in Rhodes with lots of laughs and banter, the revised batches set off bright and early today. I opted to leave with Andre as the road is opening up and wanted to start holding a slightly quicker pace. It is always tough to break up partnerships that have naturally formed, however in a race of this distance you are left with little choice. I have been told that my hacker license has been revoked, but who knows, I may well be re-applying a couples days down the road.

We left Rhodes in raining darkess but covered the first 40kms of mainly climbing very quickly. Just after sunrise I hit a major flat spot and all energy vanished. I suspect it was a combination of the 4C weather setting in and the reminants of the container fiasco.

Fortunately the lunch stop of Chesney World farm was only 10km down the track. Here Christo and his wife laid on the infamous spread on the kitchen table of cottage pie, pumpkin fritters, rice, potatoes, home made meatballs, etc, etc.

The fist few kms after lunch were tough with proper picnic legs, but as the food settled so did my energy. What is becoming very evident is that on race like this the body craves real food, not energy bars and gu’s.

Andre and I had now picked up Charl and Casper, and us 4 merry men made it to the Kapok Kraal farm and portage. The cattle track portage however had become super muddy with all the rain. We emerged out the other side looking like swamp creatures with bikes that had a least doubled in weight.

We got into the very friendly homestead of Slaapkranz at 4pm ish, 108km in just under 11hours. Not bad going but made tough on the legs by the sticky mud roads.

Tomorrow is a big day, 2 big portages to start (ie mudbath) then another 80km of district roads in the afternoon/night.

Body is holding up well. Celiac is tough as most breakfasts are bread or oats, so my futurelife is a lifesaver. Missing the wife but having her support is incredible and keeps me going.

Now to bed in prep for the day ahead……the incredible thing about this race is that each day throws a completely new set of challenges to test your mental and physical strength.

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