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Team Hackers had a monumental day today. We set off very early in the hope off making Vuvu which has 2 sets off technical navigation to get there.

We cleared the Ongeluks section beautifully and made it up to the black fountain ridge line in great time. However in a very novice manner we read the topography and made a call on thr valley decent without checking our odometer against the narration. The net effect is that we plunged ourselves down a 800 meter ride to the river below at least 7km too early. We spent the next 6 hours hiking around contours and cliffs to get out. 51km in 11 hours…….good god Trevor!

So out go our plans of the traditional attack on Naudes Nek and Rhodes, but rather a double up day tom – Tinana, Vuvu then check clock to opt on either Lehana portage or Naudes pass (ridable at night).

The emergency accom here in Tenana is perfect and should recoup well. We learnt some tough lessons today but spirits are still high and happy to be providing some ‘ back of the race’ humour !

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  • jill forrester


    Wow. You guys certainly have guts -well done for perseverance in damn cold weather.Hope u have a good night so you can accomplish your route tomorrow.Sooo proud of you.Jill

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  • johan potgieter


    Hi Jody, we live in Africa got my laptop stolen so i was out of action for a while. it is good to hear that you are still going strong. day 5 is a day that you will remember for ever! Enjoy enjoy and enjoy, remember a bad patch here and there is STILL better than a Monday at the office. Good luck,

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