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The effect of a 15 hour day took its toll on us this morning feeling very lethargic, as a result our planned start time of 6am ended up being closer to 7am. After the misshaps of yesterday we were certain that we would not fall into that trap again – but yet again we rushed a call based on fence lines not logic and we paid the price – a 2 hour bundu bash. Once onto the Banchory district road we picked up the pace and looked to be on a daylight finish.

The last 30 kms into Masakala deviated off the district road taking us up valleys of rather technical navigation (for us anyway). Proudly we handled this well and reached the lodge just outside Matatiele at 6pm.

We really are starting to find our rhythm, and working well as a team. I am lucky took be in such good company.

My body and bike is in pretty good nik, and my food provisions are working well were bread is given as the staple lunch option… far I am not impeded by my being a celiac.

Tomorrow we ride up the valley where my father grew up, very sentimental day into Ongeluks nek for me.

Next few days I may struggle to get a data connection, so blog posts from my spiffy Samsung X-Cover may be a touch delayed……so moenie worry nie!

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