Panorama Tour

02 May

I was fortunate to secure an entry into the 2012 Panorama Tour in White River for myself and Larry Levine, a member of our largest MTN Branded dealer – Cell Network. An added bonus was that my wife Tash and her good friend Doreen Espley-Jones would be joining us for the ‘lite’ version.

The Panorama Tour is a 4 day 350 off kilometre road race through the extremely mountainous Nelspruit area. These climbs gave me the perfect Freedom Challenge block training, even if it is on the skinny wheels.

Day 1 – 115km’s, and 2213m altitude gain


Day 2 – 80km’s, and 1192m altitude gain


Day 3 – 113km’s, and 2055m altitude gain

Day 4 – 27km Time Trial



We had a fantastic 4 days, a big thank you to MTN and in particular Fiona Coward the race organiser for hosting us. I had a great partner in Larry who was immense, flying on the flats and digging deep on the very challenging climbs. The wife also did an amazing job, after not riding for 6 months to focus on her running, to then bosh out a proper two days was incredible – good genes my love!

Now back to the fat takkies!
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