One of the farm owners in our Megaliesberg training area kindly agreed to host us for a braai on his property to talk through the current trail and how he could explore turning this into a commercial venture.

Mike opted to make this outing an evening affair to test out our night skills and clock up some mid week mileage. The rest of the crew (Dawn, Dave, Gadget, Fiona, Ben) are old hands at night riding but this was my first attempt. The route is mostly singletrack so got a chance to really test my ‘owl vision’ especially as Gadget and Mike love to go dicing off hurling encouragement to follow them at break neck speeds.

I faired ok with no off’s, but my head torch failed early on in the ride leaving only my Hope LED 1 to light the way from the handlebars – the lumens given off are sufficient but given that you need to look into a corner but your bars are still pointed straight ahead, some blind swinging of the bike did unsettle the nerves.

I have since upgraded the headtorch unit to Black Diamond Icon torch – 200 lumens and extended battery life:

A big thanks to Mike and co for including me on this little adventure, clocked up a nice 48km – not bad for a Wed night.

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