Freedom challenge is a daunting task at the best of times, but setting off purely based on web research is borderline lunacy. Fortunately though Jacques Swart (aka Jack Black) he arranged for me to join two FC fundi’s on a mid week training ride.

I would be riding with Mike Woolnough (multiple Freedom Challenges including on a tandem MTB !) and Alex Harris (Freedom Challenge winner and current record holder). I was rather intimidated at meeting these experts of the trail, but they very quickly showed the community spirit that embodies the FC. Not long into the ride and I was already getting tips and tricks that have greatly improved my chances of finishing.

The route was from Valley Lodge in Megaliesburg and took us for 100km around neighbouring farms, valleys and passes. I have never explored that area but the route these guys had very clearly mapped out after years of exploring the area was excellent. The first of many rides in the area I suspect.


What a novelty to be out riding mid week – this corporate life is for the birds I say!

A big thank you to Mike and Alex for letting the newbie tag along – much appreciated fellas.

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